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Freego Shotgun F3 Pro 2000W Electric Bike Dual Battery Motor Fat Tire Ebike - Full Suspension For Comfort Riding

Freego Shotgun F3 Pro 2000W Electric Bike Dual Battery Motor Fat Tire Ebike - Full Suspension For Comfort Riding

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Freego USA

The New King Of Moped Style Ebikes, F3 Pro, Freego's inaugural dual-motor and dual-battery electric bike, offers an unparalleled riding experience. With its twin motors, the F3 Pro boasts enhanced power and speed, while the dual batteries significantly extend its range. This makes it perfect for daily commutes and long-distance travels, ensuring reliability and endurance for every ride.


E-Bike Model
F3 Pro
Motor Power
2000W  (1000W * 2)
48V, 40AH (1920Wh)
Max Speed
44-68 Miles
20'' x 4" inflatable tire with inner tubes
Max Load
Full Suspension for Front & Rear - Great For Riders With Back Pains: So pain don't shoot up your back... Suspension absorbs it
SHIMANO 7 Speed Gears
Brake System Front wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Rear wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Lights Head light, Tail warning light
Recommended Height 5'2"-6'5" 
Frame Material High-strength Steel Pipe

F3 pro size

A. Handlebar Length: 28.3" Inches
B. Total Length: 67.7" Inches
C. Total Height: 44.1" Inches
D. Seat Length: 18.9" Inches
E. Top Tube Length: 35.8" Inches
F. Tire Width: 4" Inches
G. Wheel Diameter: 21.7" Inches
H. Seat to Ground Height: 33.5" Inches
I. Wheelbase: 45.3" Inches
J. Seat Height from Tire: 8.7" Inches
K. Head Tube Length: 24.4" Inches
L. Battery Length: 13.8"  Inches


F3 pro dual motor
2000W Dual Motor

F3 Pro are front and rear wheel dual drive electric bikes. Equipped with two 1000W high-power brushless motors, the dual-motor, dual-wheel-drive ride is fast, powerful and powerful, especially suitable for long-distance or rugged road riding.

dual battery
40Ah Dual Battery 

F3 Pro with two removable integrated lithium batteries, 48V 20Ah dual battery mode greatly increases the range of the electric bike. Dual battery mode provides excellent battery life and power, can be applied to any charging location during the journey, with high adaptability, with pedals, suitable for long-distance travel.

F3 pro electric bike
Hydraulic Supspension for Front & Rear

Hydraulic suspension reduces frame vibration when riding on rough roads. Makes for a more stable, comfortable and controllable ride, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence.

F3 Pro electric bicycle LED

Multi-Functional Display

Stay informed and in control with our multi-functional display. It provides key details at a glance, including odometer readings, speed, wattage, and battery capacity, all easily accessible on the digital screen.

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