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Bakcou Mule Elite Step Through 24" Electric Hunting Bike Bafang Ultra Mid Drive Motor

Bakcou Mule Elite Step Through 24" Electric Hunting Bike Bafang Ultra Mid Drive Motor

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Bakcou Mule Elite Step Through 24" Hunting Ebike Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The Mule Is The Best Selling Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike in It's Class For 4 Years! 

NOTE: Our New 2024 Mule no longer comes with a front mud fender or headlight. If you would like to purchase a headlight, we recommend the 2200 Lumen GoPro Mount Electric Bike Headlight 

The Bakcou Mule 24" Step Thru - Best for shorter riders 4"10 - 5'6

We recommend our Mule Step-Through (ST) model for our customers with a shorter leg length, or those that have difficulty getting on and off of a traditional fat-tire, eBike. The Mule ST is built exactly like the Mule with the exception of a lower top tube allowing for a shorter stand over height. This allows for greater ease in getting on and off of the bike.


Included With Bike:
* 1 Yr Warranty ($259 Value)
* Rear Pannier Rack ($75 value)
* 2amp Charger ($49 value)
* Tire Liners ($55 Value)
* Lifetime Customer Support (Priceless)


This beast is built to pack like a mule with the suspension and gearing to get you there fast. On a quick trail ride or a week in the backcountry, the Mule ST can handle anything you throw at it.

 See for yourself, why the Bakcou Mule has been the #1 selling fat-tire eBike on the market for 4 years, and why this hardtail eBike is in a class of its own! Lugging game up steep hills with ease! 




The Mule ST was designed and engineered around the unparalleled power and performance of Bafangs ULTRA mid-drive motor. The Ultra motor is widely recognized as the “diesel engine” of mid-drive motors! It’s all metal, heavy-duty gearing, combined with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor, make the Ultra motor the most capable, durable, and efficient motor on the planet. 


Rated the Most Elite Ebike for hunters! ⚡️

- Quiet
- Scentless
- Durable
- Ride up Steep/Mountainous Hills w/ No Problem
- Attach any sort of game to your trailer and haul it with ease


The Ultra motor is also referred to as a “smart motor.” The speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensors provide continuous feedback from the rider to the motor.  This allows the motor to deliver exactly what you ask. What you get, is a very natural feeling ride, even while providing a tremendous amount of torque and power output.






Mule ST Specs

  • Size:  24" ST is suited for 4'10 - 5'6"  - Shorter riders fit best on the Mule Step Through the crossbar allow you to get on and off the bike easier. If you ever had to make a sudden stop and plan your feet on the ground, the crossbar won't interrupt your midsection.
  • Motor: This smart torque sensing motor, powered by Bafang, is capable of falling under all 3 Classifications of ebike laws. Toggle between 750 watts, and 1,000 continuous watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts.  
  • Battery: Extended Distance 48v 14.5ah, 17.4ah, or 21ah lithium-ion Panasonic
  • Range: 40+ Miles (see “eBike Range Explained” under “Resources” on our website)
  • Digital Display: Bafang DP C18.UART Full Color LCD
  • Brakes: Powerful Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic, 203mm Front & 180mm Rear rotor.
  • Suspension: BCEB GT MRK 100mm AIR Fork
  • Frame: High Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Size: Mule, 18” (Stand Over Height: 29.5”)
  • Mule ST, 18” (Stand Over Height: 26’)
  • Throttle: Left Thumb
  • Wheels: Quick Release Front Hub 
  • Tires: Unparalleled Traction and Control Maxxis Minion 24” X 4.0
  • Gearing: Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed, 40t Front 11x36t cassette
  • Steering: Wide 740mm Handlebars for Greater Stability
  • Load Capacity: 300lbs
  • Locking Ergonomic Handlebar Grips
  • Shock Absorbing Suspension Seat Post
  • Front & Side Rear Derailleur Guards
  • Saddle: SR Sport Saddle 
  • Aggressive Skid-Proof Wide Stance Pedals
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  •  Max Speed: 35+ mph
  • Bakcou Electric Bikes products come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 


 Why The Mule ? 

  • Best Motor – The Mule the Ultra mid drive Bafang motor, the best and highest performing motor on the market today

  • 1000 Watts - both 750 and 1000 watt models are all built with 1000 Watts and the 750 is simply dialed back, so you can dial up again if you want.  regular 750 watt cannot be raised to 1000 if it was designed a 750.

  • Built By Hunters – The Mule is built by hunters for hunters, so you get not just , you get an electric hunting bike built for hunting

  • Move Stealthily – The Mule is very quiet so you don’t spook the game

  • Age is Not a Factor -  The Mule makes it easier for anyone to reach your favorite distant spots without the fatigue of hiking with gear so no matter your age or physical stature those once forgotten golden spots are attainable again

  • Limited Mobility Not an Obstacle - Hunters with limited mobility, whether it’s an old injury that didn’t heal properly or a life changing injury, the Mule can make a world of difference and get you back out hunting again

  • Check Trail Cameras Quickly -  You can check your perimeter and trail cameras and be back before you miss anything
  • Stay Safe – The Mule is fast and agile so you can get out of a potentially dangerous situation in seconds

  • Environmentally Friendly -  Hunting is also about preservation. Bakcou knows this and built an eBike that is extremely friendly to the environment



Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
24" ST

Only problem so far has been that 21ah battery has been really hard to go in. I took the top plate off the bike battery area, and now it will go in and operate, but it is really hard to get it connected. But, I am loving it, only have 4.5 miles on it so far. Weather and traffic have been a problem. All else is awesome with it!!
Can't wait for hunting season now to put her to work.

Michael Corazon

the Bafang motor is very powerful and has the ability to climb hills in low gear. Installing and removing the battery is a little battle. My battery came with a zero % charge and that was a concern. I have since charged it up to 100% and it seems to be working fine. I have yet to take it off road and that will be the test that most concerns me. I am sure the bike will handle what I need it to do for me in a hunting situation.

Bakcou Mule

This bike is a bad ass beast

good for long ride

This bike is ideal for going for a long ride or getting a good workout. In any case, this bike is comfortable, easy to navigate, and long-lasting. This will be my favorite bike brand from now on!

impressive ebike mule

This bike is amazing! It's working better than I expected. Tons of strength even when carrying a load! I'm very impressed. I'm looking forward to many years of hunting pleasure.