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Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja All-Terrain Long Distance Mobility Scooter - Perfect For Golf Cart, 500lbs Weight Capacity

Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja All-Terrain Long Distance Mobility Scooter - Perfect For Golf Cart, 500lbs Weight Capacity

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Are you looking for the perfect solution for an all-terrain mobility scooter that will take you through town or around the golf course? You're in the best place to find it! The Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja has a driving range of up to 25 miles and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour! Large tires and a powerful motor make it easy to drive over any terrain.


✅ Swivel Seat
✅ All Terrain
✅ Turn Signals
✅ Side Mirrors
✅ Headlight and backlight
✅Three Baskets

Get Back on the Golf Course

Have you been missing the golf course? The Cheeta Ninja all-terrain scooter is your perfect golf companion. It features off-road turf tires that get the job done. The tires are 6 inches wide and have an 15 inches diameter. You can easily drive across grass, on the green, or across sand and dirt. The turf tires are gentle on grass, so you won’t leave tracks on the course.


Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Mobility Scooter Basket View


Whether you want to get back on the golf course or spend an afternoon at the park, the Cheeta Ninja heavy duty scooter will get you there in style. This Green Transporter mobility scooter can also handle a maximum incline of 35 degrees, so it’s perfect for rough terrain.

Convenient Swivel Seat

Want to take a swing while seated? The Cheeta Ninja has a swivel seat, so you take a swing without standing up. The swivel seat also makes it easy to get on and off the scooter safely. Additional features include a cell phone holder, and a storage bin to make your day at the course even more enjoyable.


Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Mobility Scooter Swivel Seat View

Free Baskets On Your Order

The Cheeta Ninja comes standard with some storage space, one front-mounted basket and two rear-mounted baskets to hold all your essentials. Heading to the golf course? 


Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Mobility Scooter Basket View

Thanks to a clever design, you can stuff your golf bag and bring all your clubs without worrying about tipping. This mobility scooter has a front-mounted lithium ion battery. It’s easy to recharge when needed, and it’s also a great counterweight to your clubs in the back.

Smart Suspension

Ride in comfort with a great suspension system. The Cheeta Ninja features independent shocks, similar to an ATV, that offer superior performance on uneven ground. The shocks can handle up to 450 lbs, making this mobility scooter a durable choice. Along with all-terrain suspension, a smart electronic braking system ensures that you stop safely every time.

Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Mobility Scooter Motor View

Perfect In Town

The Cheeta Ninja is a great golf cart, weighing in at only 200 lbs. It’s significantly lighter than traditional golf carts! Not only that, but the Cheeta Ninja is also loaded with a multitude of safety features which include: a seat belt, headlights, turning lights, side mirrors, and more. Take your scooter to town and enjoy all these added safety features. The Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja is ready for your next adventure, whether it's on the golf course or in town.

Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Mobility Scooter Headlight View

Add a Canopy

If you want to enjoy a day outdoors without worrying about sun or rain, add an optional canopy and windshield. Anchored in both front and back with sturdy supports, the canopy will keep you protected from the elements.


Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Canopy Side View 


Green Transport Cheetah Ninja Benefits & Features:

  • Swappable Lithium Battery
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • LED Display 
  • Travel Seat
  • Wide Tires
  • Storage Bin
  • Speed Control: Reinforced Suspension
  • Floor Mat
  • Street Kit now included - Street Kit (Headlight, Rear Light, Blinkers, and Side Mirrors).
  • Lithium Battery (interchangeable) and ALL Terrain Tires (Sand, Dirt, etc.)


The all new Cheeta Ninja all terrain four wheel scooter is fully ada compliant and can be driven on any golf course. If your looking for a scooter that will take you anywhere you want to go with a speed up to 20 mph and a travel distance of 25 miles on a single charge then the Cheeta Ninja is the all terrain scooter for you.


The average scooter or wheelchair is not allowed on a golf course as the small thin tires damage the turf every time. The Cheeta Ninja has big wide tires perfect enough to go out on any golf course without causing any damage to the turf. Equipped with a powerful 1100 watt 48 volt motor and full suspension, the Cheeta Ninja is truly unstoppable. 


If absolutely anything happens to your Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja rest assured your purchase is backed by a one year parts and labor warranty. We will personally call out a specialist to come to your home for any repairs you may need. 


Body Size: 54 x 31 x 35 without rack and baskets
Body Size: 67 x 31 x 35 with rack and baskets
Speed: Up to 20 mph
Max Incline: 35 Degrees
Motor: 48v 1100w
Battery: 48v Lithium
Suspension: ATV-like Independent Shocks
Brake: Smart Electronic
Tires: Turf tires 6" wide 15" diameter
Range: 25 miles
Max Load: 500 lbs
Seat: Swivel Seat


User Manual | Click Here

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Randell Lee
very happy I Love it so much power fun to ride I use it every day 5 stars

it is the best thing i have ever seen