The Best Electric Bike For City Commuters 2022

The Best Electric Bike For City Commuters 2022

Are you tired of showing up to work sweaty from hills or terrain on your commute but not willing to drive? Consider an ebike! 

Electric bikes, or ebikes, are becoming more popular because of their ability to give you the exercise you need while providing you with an easier ride. Especially as a commuter!

If you're considering an escooter, electric scooter, electric bike, or ebike, read our guide, below!

What are the Benefits of Collapsible Ebikes for City Commuters?

Ebikes have many benefits that make them a great choice for commuters, recreational riders, and even athletes. Here are just a few of the advantages of riding an ebike:

  1. Ebikes are environmentally friendly.
  2. They are cheaper than using rentable e-scooters or ebikes.
  3. Ebikes require very little maintenance.
  4. They are easy to ride and can be used by people of all ages and abilities.
  5. Ebikes provide a great workout without causing pollution or traffic congestion.

For commuters specifically, ebikes are lighter than traditional bikes and easier to bring along. Collapsible bikes can come with you on the bus, so you don't have to delay everyone when mounting your bike. It's also a lot easier to bring your collapsible bike with you on the subway or train, as you don't take up as much room.

Finally, collapsible bikes are great for places you don't feel safe leaving the bike outside, as they're more portable.

Our Favorite Electric Bikes for Commuters

You can't go wrong with any of our products at Lets-Ebike, but we've chosen two models to feature in this blog. Both are electronic and are long-range, but only one of the two is collapsible. Learn which is right for you below.

The Collapsible Jupiter Bike X5

Jupiter x5

If you're looking for a collapsible ebike that performs just as well as solid versions, look no further! This bike delivers in every category and is one of our best sellers. Some of our favorite features include

  1. 10-second collapse time
  2. Lightweight and ultra-durable material
  3. Concealed, lockable, removable battery
  4. A bright LED display and headlight
  5. Secure magnetic folding ability
  6. 30-mile charge range
  7. Front and rear fenders
  8. and more!

The bike retails for $995 but we're always running specials. It will ship within 1-3 business days and we offer a lowest price guarantee. Need some extra time to pay it off? We offer Klarna monthly/weekly payments. You can also buy a warranty for your new favorite bike, offered by extend.

Jupiter Bike Atlas Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Jupiter Atlas

While the X5 electric bicycle (above) can handle most road conditions, the Atlas is specifically created as an offroad bike. That's hard to find in a collapsible and electric form! It performs just as well on hard surfaces as it does on sand and grass!

It has similar stats as the X5, but can go up to a 40-mile range!
While it's larger when collapsed than the X5, it's still made of our ultra-lightweight material. It has a bright LED display and headlight, plus offroad tires.

The same offers on financing and warranty apply as above, so what are you waiting for? Get the bike of your dreams today!

Getting the Best Commuter Bike 2022

The best ebike for you depends on the details of your commuter. Do you need something that collapses very small? Are you covering more intense terrain? Both these bikes have their merits and are on sale, so you can get an ebike in 2022!

If you're looking for other commute options, like escooters or non-foldable ebikes, check out the rest of our site.

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