Choosing the Best E-Bike for Hiking

Choosing the Best E-Bike for Hiking

The e-bike market is expected to grow to $120 billion by 2030 for a good reason! They are comfortable, go faster than standard bikes, and allow you to go on bigger adventures! Two of the best models on the market at the moment are the Bakcou Mule Elite and the Rambo Rampage. Both of them have a lot to offer as an e-bike for hiking, so how do you choose between them? This article is here to break down each of the bikes for you so you can see which one fits your lifestyle best. But first, let's discuss a couple of benefits of using an e-bike when hitting the hiking trails.

The Benefits of Using an E-Bike

There are so many benefits of using an e-bike for hiking compared to standard bikes. The most obvious is that you can travel much faster across all kinds of terrain, whilst using less energy. This has the added benefit that you can stay out for longer and go further whilst on an adventure! The motor will also make going up and down hills much easier and safer.

The other major benefit is that both of the bikes in this article have a weight capacity of 300lbs. This way if you're hauling camping gear or a trailer, you can take what you need without compromise. Now let's look at our two e-bike models, the Bakcou Mule Elite and the Rambo Rampage!   

The Bakcou Mule Elite 

This e-bike has been masterfully designed for the ultimate outdoor experience. With a 50+ mile range and extended distance battery, it is a very reliable and high-quality build. It comes with a full-color LCD digital display and an exceptional mid-drive motor. It even has integrated torque sensors! 

The Bakcou mule features powerful hydraulic brakes and traction with Maxxis Minion tires. These features combined make it a safer ride, particularly when on rough terrain. The frame is a high-grade aluminum alloy, which makes it very durable but also light. This is ideal if you ever need to lift your bike over any obstacles whilst out of the trails. The frame also packs a lot of shock absorption for a comfortable ride.

The Rambo Rampage 

This extreme performance full suspension e-bike is a game-changer when off-roading. The Rambo Rampage features high-end suspension and fat tires for ultimate comfort. All its components are made with the highest-quality materials. So you can enjoy riding it for many years to come without constant repairs. For example, the Tektro 4 piston hydraulic brake has amazing braking power. So you can have peace of mind when in steep areas.

The Bafang 1000w mid-drive motor has 3 sensors that can check speed and pedal torque. This means you are always in control, which is vital when you are in difficult riding conditions. The motor is very quiet, so you can blend into your surroundings. Plus its modular design means that you can take it apart with ease, to keep on top of maintenance

Find the Best E-Bike for Hiking

Hitting a hiking trail or going hunting with an e-bike is so much fun for outdoor enthusiasts. Both the Bakcou Mule and the Rambo Rampage are excellent choices for hiking trails. Overall, both bikes offer a smooth and dynamic ride with tons of great features. Each has a unique profile, offering you high quality at a great price. 

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