Catch This! The Benefits of Using an eBike for Fishing

Catch This! The Benefits of Using an eBike for Fishing

Nearly 44 million Americans go fishing on a regular basis. And most of these anglers get to their fishing spot the same way; driving a gas-guzzling truck to the pier, pond, or riverbank.

They fight for space alongside dozens of other anglers, if they're even able to find a parking spot. But serious anglers know that the best fishing spots are off the beaten track. They can't be accessed by car. This is why so many anglers have taken up bike fishing. 

Bike fishing lets anglers access premier fishing spots, away from the noise and crowds of popular fishing locations. And ebikes make it even easier to reach these spots.

Are you looking to try ebike fishing for yourself, so you can fish in peace and quiet? Interested in buying an ebike for fishing? Keep reading below to learn the benefits of fishing on an ebike today. 

With the Right eBike, You Can Fish Anywhere

Choosing the best ebike for fishing is essential. Ebikes come in many different styles these days, and most won't be suited for bike fishing.

If you are primarily buying an electric bike for fishing, consider either the Quietkat Jeep or Bakcou Mule.

Both bikes come equipped with wide, durable tires and hefty suspension allowing you to traverse tough terrain. 

With either bike, you can head deep into the woods to access any stretch of river, remote lake, or hidden pond said to be teeming with unpressured fish. 

Bike Fishing Takes You to Remote Fishing Spots

The Bakcou Mule is capable of getting you about 50 miles on a single charge. That's a big enough range to get you far beyond what other anglers are capable of driving or walking to.

But if you need a bike that can get you as far as possible, go with the Quietkat Jeep, which has a range of 58 miles on a single charge. 

No more fishing spots that are covered in trash. With an ebike, you'll be fishing in untouched wilderness.

Get More Exercise and Fresh Air While eBike Fishing

Many people criticize ebikes, assuming riders don't get exercise while operating them. But as any ebike rider can confirm, pedaling is still required. The engine just helps you get further than your legs can take you on your own.

So if you're looking to get exercise while fishing, an ebike is a great tool. 

Carry All Your Gear While Bike Fishing

Yes, you can carry all of your fishing gear on a bike, so long as you have the right bike. With an ebike like the Mule or the Jeep, you can easily tow a bike trailer behind you, loaded with a cooler, tacklebox, waders, and of course, rods. Both of these bikes can carry a load of 300 lbs. The Jeep itself weighs 70 lbs while the Mule tops out at 68 lbs. 

Both were actually built with hunting in mind. When hunting, carrying heavy loads is a must. If they can handle hunting with ease, then fishing on these is no problem at all. 

Choosing the Best eBike

The benefits of bike fishing are plentiful; accessing remote fishing spots, getting into nature, getting exercise, and casting to unpressured, hungry fish. But what's the best ebike for fishing?

The Bakcou Mule features an industry-leading motor, with the most power for your backcountry expeditions. The Quietkat Jeep isn't far behind, and it gets a few extra miles per charge, allowing you to go further on each trip.

Need help deciding which bike is right for you? You can contact us today for advice on making a selection or to place an order over the phone. 

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