5 Tips For Safe Commuting on an eBike In The City

5 Tips For Safe Commuting on an eBike In The City

Ebike Safety Tips

Commuting can be difficult no matter how you go about it, and the added danger of city riding can be nerve-wracking. While electric bikes (eBikes) are a safe and environmentally friendly choice, they’re also less sturdy than cars. This article gives five tips to help make commuting on your eBike safer and increase your confidence.

Be Visible

No matter if you’re driving a car or walking, one of the best ways to stay safe when commuting is to be seen by other drivers. The sooner they see you, the sooner they can react to your presence. Being visible is even more important at night, when visibility is lower and drivers may not be expecting others on the road. An easy way to become more visible is to wear reflective cycling gear, including vests, helmets, and lights on the eBike itself.

Be Alert

Because you and your eBike are more vulnerable than cars, a great tip for city commuting is to pay attention. Practice defensive riding instead of listening to music or becoming lost in thought, and never assume that a driver has seen you. By taking simple precautions like moving to the side when cars are passing you or double-checking your surroundings for danger before crossing intersections you can prevent accidents.

Maintain Your Bike

Another way to stay safe while commuting is to maintain your eBike properly. Take it in for regular tune-ups and get any damages repaired right away. This extends to daily wear and tear as well. You should check your bike for dangers before leaving every day, as a flat tire, damaged battery, or broken part can prevent you from reaching your destination and leave you stranded. Even when taking these precautions, you should always have a backup plan to handle any mechanical issues that come up during your ride.

Wear Safety Gear 

You wouldn’t wear shorts on a motorcycle or flip-flips while driving, and you shouldn’t wear inappropriate attire when riding your eBike either. Choose a helmet that fits, and wear it every time you ride your eBike. There are also find knee pads, elbow pads, and protective gloves specifically made for eBike users to protect you if an accident occurs while riding. Don’t forget to dress for the weather, either. Being too cold or too hot can take your attention off the road.

Know The Rules 

Before committing to a daily commute on your eBike, study the rules of the roads that you plan to travel on. Some states have specific laws for eBike users, while others expect them to follow the same laws as a car. Knowing simple things like the correct lane to ride in and what to expect from cars and motorcycles can keep you safe and prevent accidents.


Riding an eBike to work is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint and makes it easier to commute through the city. If you're interested in learning more about eBikes you can go to LetsEbike.com for more information. 

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